UNS Black Aquascaping Limited Edition Tool Set

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Ultum Nature Systems Stainless Tools are made by hobbyists for hobbyists. These tools are crafted with precision will last for years with proper care. This limited edition black aquascape toolset features aquatic plant tools that all planted aquarium enthusiasts must have. All the tools included in this bundle come in various lengths to ensure they are versatile and can be used for all tank sizes. 

Planted tank aquascaping tools consist of primarily stainless steel scissors, tweezers and sand flatteners. These tools are specifically designed for aquatic plant propagation and aquarium maintenance. To protect from rust, these tools are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Waved Scissors: 12" stainless steel aquascaping scissors for precise aquatic plant trimming and maintenance. Stainless steel aquascaping scissors are a must-have for all planted aquariums. Aquatic plants require regular trimming and old leaves must be carefully removed. The long and narrow scissor blades allow for delicate operation even in the hard-to-reach locations of planted tanks.

Fine Tip Curved Pinsettes: 10" stainless steel aquascaping tweezers for the precise planting of aquatic plants and maintenance. These tweezers feature a stable yet lightweight grip that allows for planting accuracy.No matter how elaborate the aquascape, this is an essential aquascaping tool to add to your arsenal. They are designed with ease of planting in mind and are thin enough to plant in narrow spaces.

Spring Curved Trimmers: 6" compact curved spring scissors are the perfect tool for pruning moss on driftwood and for trimming foreground plants in a small sized aquarium. 

Spring Trimmers: 6" compact spring scissors are the perfect tool for trimming stem plants or in planted aquarium tanks where more detailed trimming is required to shape aquascapes appropriately.

TIP: Dry well after use to maintain tool longevity

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