UNS Stainless Steel Essential Aquascaping Tool Set

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Planted tank aquascaping tools consist primarily of scissors, tweezers, and sand flatteners. Aquascaping tools are specifically designed for aquatic plant propagation and aquarium maintenance. Ultum Nature Systems now offers a beautiful line of premium Stainless Steel Aquascaping Tools. Utilizing quality aquascaping tools makes all the difference in the creation and maintenance of a planted aquarium tank. Built from quality surgical steel, these aquascaping tools from Ultum Nature Systems offer increased durability, rust-protection and sleek aesthetic for modern aquarists. This aquascaping tool set features the essential aquatic plant tools that will aid in ensuring your planted aquarium tank remains in tip-top shape from the start. 

UNS Stainless Steel Aquascaping Tool Set Includes:
Stainless Steel Straight Pinsettes
Stainless Steel Straight Scissors
Stainless Steel Sand Flattener

TIP: Dry well after use to maintain tool longevity!

UNS Stainless Steel Fine Tip Straight Pinsettes: These 10" tweezers are standard and essential for basic planting of aquarium plant species. These fine tip straight pinsettes feature a stable, yet lightweight grip that allows for planting accuracy. Their thin form allows the aquascaper to plant with ease between narrow spaces in the hardscape layout. The tips are also slightly serrated to ensure the plant is not uprooted when pulling the tweezers up from the aquarium soil!

UNS Stainless Steel Straight Scissors: The 10" Stainless Steel Straight Scissors are best for bulk trimming sessions and efficiency before going in with wave style to shape and refine. Fitted with a sharp blade for a clean trim.

UNS Stainless Steel Sand Flattener: Creating a level and neat substrate line is crucial during the creation of a planted aquarium tank. Uniform lines help to present a clean appearance and are a treat for the eyes when compared to messy, uneven foregrounds of cosmetic sand or aquarium soil. Uneven levels can also cause foreground aquarium plants to grow unevenly! Alternative uses for Sand Flatteners are gently stirring up the substrate to dislodge a build-up of detritus or organic fish waste that has settled on the floor during maintenance. This aids in ensuring a deeper clean when performing routine maintenance on a planted aquarium tank!

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