This Just In - New Tanks and Lids From Ultum Nature Systems

New Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Glass Tank Sizes
Exciting right? There's something about new tank sizes that makes everyone happy. New tanks mean new scapes! These added sizes allow for another realm of creativity, another size to fit that one spot perfectly and just the start of another nature aquarium. There's no such thing as too many. Just choose the one that tickles your fancy and scape away. 
Ultum Nature Systems Glass Aquarium Cube Tanks

Cube tanks are the most commonly used for desktops, nightstands, and console tables since they do not require a lot of space, but can be placed anywhere and look just as good. They are best suited for Betta fish, nano fish, and shrimp.

Ultum Nature Systems Glass Aquarium Shallow Low Tanks

This new shallow series of tanks from Ultum Nature Systems offers a unique lower profile with the same depth as their Standard counterparts. Its lower profile calls for a dynamic aquascape layout that will challenge the master creator in you.

Ultum Nature Systems Glass Aquarium Long Tanks

Long tanks provide  wider panoramic views. These tanks allow for continuous scapes given the horizontal ground available to cover. If you're an enthusiat who loves to push creative boundaries then long tanks are the perfect choice for you. 

Ultum Nature Systems Glass Aquarium Tanks

Standard tank sizes are tried and true in the aquarium hobby for good reason. They provide optimal viewing dimensions and come in a range of different gallon capacities. New or experienced, they're perfect choices without limiting creativity.

Ultum Nature Systems Glass Tank Lids
While you're here, we now have glass lids! Grab one for your new rimless tank, or, if you already have one, adding a lid is great for minimizing water evaporation and keeping your most skittish fish, safe. They're sleek and fit all UNS rimless tanks perfectly while leaving room for essential equipment and without compromising the look of your planted tank.  Available in your choice of simple plastic clips or minimal stainless steel clips - Just don't forget to check the thickness of your tank glass!
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