ONF Flat Nano+ Stand LED Light - White

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Our recommended choice for Wabi-Kusa or desktop nano tanks!
Height-adjustable, 360° swivel and dimmable.
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A crowd favorite, the ONF Flat Nano Stand LED Light is a fantastic smart desktop plant lighting solution. Available in 3 classic colors, this LED light provides the optimal spectrum for growing lush, healthy terrestrial and aquatic plant species. ONF LED lights tout an exclusively customized LED range comprised of three wavelengths and full spectrum color to enhance growth and vivid coloration. The Flat Nano Stand LED Light features adjustable height up to 14" and a 360° swivel to accommodate growing plants and easy maintenance. The metal base also fits comfortably beneath stabilizing foam mats commonly included with aquarium tank purchases.

The white ONF Flat Nano Stand LED works with the ONF app and may be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth capabilities. Features include customized lighting schedules, brightness memory, gradual ramp up and down and reduced external equipment for improved functionality without bulk. All models are dimmable and provide the clean aesthetic aquarium and plant hobbyists search for. Gradual dimming aims to mimic natural circadian rhythms and reduces stress for aquarium livestock. Whether you are using this LED light for a pico aquarium tank, Wabi-Kusa or desktop plant setup, the ONF Flat Nano Stand LED Light is sure to impress.

Shown in the video below is a Ultum Nature Systems 16T rimless tank with an ONF Flat Nano Stand LED Light in black:

The ONF Flat Nano LED Light features on/off, 3-level dimming via touch. Flat Nano's light output is the optimal spectrum for aquatic plant growth and suits various species of aquatic plants and their respective light requirements. Once a level is chosen, ONF Flat Nano LED Light has built-in memory and will display the level last chosen even when used with a timer. Coloration is extremely vivid, allowing the myriad of hues produced by aquatic plants, freshwater fish and shrimp to shine bright and clear. Abrupt on and off schedules have the potential to shock skittish fish, but the Flat Nano LED administers ramp up and down capabilities to mimic the rise and setting of the sun to provide the most natural experience for aquarium tank inhabitants.

Features and Specifications for ONF Flat Nano Stand LED Light
LED Type: White
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz (US power plug)
LED Lifetime: 50,000hrs
Color Temperature: 7,000K
Dimmable: Yes (wireless control via app and/or touch-sensitive buttons)
Bluetooth App: Yes

Dimensions (IN)
W x D x H
Lumens Power (WATTS) Tank Recommendations

9.5 x 7.1 x 8.6 ~ 14.2
(adjustable height)

1300 15 Ultum Nature Systems 16C

Ultum Nature Systems 20C

Ultum Nature Systems 25C

Ultum Nature Systems 3N

Ultum Nature Systems 5N

Ultum Nature Systems 16T

Ultum Nature Systems 25S

Ultum Nature Systems 5S
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