Tropica Premium Nutrition Liquid Fertilizer

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Providing your planted aquarium tank with essential nutrients is crucial for its success. Tropica Premium Nutrition is a premium planted aquarium tank liquid fertilizer meant to nourish your aquatic plants properly and thoroughly. This planted aquarium tank premium fertilizer does not contain Nitrogen (N) or Phosphorus (P). Premium Nutrition by Tropica is specially formulated for planted aquarium tanks with a larger bioload that naturally produces Nitrogen and Phosphorus for aquatic plants within the aquarium tank. Dispense 6ML of Premium Nutrition once a week for every 13 gallons of aquarium tank water to ensure lush and proper aquatic plant growth.

We recommend using Tropica Premium Nutrition Liquid Fertilizer in planted tanks with less demanding plants such as Anubias, Moss, Java Fern, Cryptocoryne, Bucephalandra, and other similar plants OR in newly planted aquariums that have yet to become established.

Below is a Ultum Nature Systems 45U 9 gallon tank using Tropica Premium Nutrition Liquid Fertilizer right after planting:
Ultum Nature Systems UNS 45U Rimless Aquarium Tank Tropica Fertilizer


  • Premium Nutrition contains Iron, Manganese and vital micro-nutrients for aquatic plants.
  • Premium Nutrition does not contain Nitrogen and Phosphor
  • Recommended for planted aquarium tanks with a light amount of aquatic plants or for planted aquarium tanks with slow-growing aquatic plant species such as Anubias, Bucephalandra, Java Ferns, Mosses, Cryptocoryne and more.
  • Recommended for planted aquarium tanks with a large natural bio-load produced by tropical aquarium fish.
  • It is best to use Premium Nutrition weekly after performing maintenance and water changes.
  • One full pump of Premium Nutrition dispenses 2mL.
  • Dosing amount can be and should be tailored to meet the requirements and needs of aquatic plant species chosen.
  • Premium Nutrition is intended to be used as an aquatic plant fertilizer and will not act as a cure for dying aquatic plants.

We recommend using Premium Nutrition by Tropica in combination with regular and consistent weekly maintenance on your planted aquarium tank. As mentioned above, dosing should be adjusted depending upon aquatic plant choice and aquarium tank specifications.

TIP: If you have soft water or you're using RO/DI water, use a GH booster to ensure that magnesium and calcium levels are correct.

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