UNS Foresta Integrated Paludarium - 60E

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IMPORTANT: UNS Foresta is made from high-quality glass and is fragile in nature! Any damages or cosmetic imperfections must be photographed clearly and sent within 24 hours of delivery.

Returns are subject to approval and must be new, unused and in original packaging. Damaged returns are subject to restocking fees.

Ultum Nature Systems Foresta features built in filtration and cascading waterfall!
Foresta Paludariums comes with all the necessary accessories to get started!
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Ultum Nature Systems Foresta is an integrated paludarium system equipped with built-in filtration and a cascading waterfall wall that allows for limitless creativity. The integrated paludarium includes everything needed to create an interactive live plant display while the UNS Atomizer Mist Maker Set adds a cooling mist effect that is ideal for cultivating aquatic and terrestrial plant species that require elevated humidity levels or tropical conditions to thrive.

The Ultum Nature Systems Foresta's integrated triple chamber works together to provide filtration, misting and a waterfall effect, resulting in smooth operation and a beautiful tropical environment. Newly released, the Foresta 60E provides a larger canvas and more horizontal space to create dynamic designs within. 

Ultum Nature Sytems Foresta Integrated Paludarium 60E
12x Foresta Mat Plant Pads - These plant pads are crafted from high-quality material that retains the perfect amount of water while remaining permeable for essential air flow.
Foresta Line (plant thread) - A synthetic thread that allows the user to attach desired plant species to hardscape. Alternatively, it may be used to attach more plants to the provided Foresta Mats.
USB Powered Pump
Outflow pipe
Ultum Nature Sytems Atomizer Mist Maker Set with black holder
4x Bio sponges
Glass chamber lid
Stabilizing black foam tank mat

UNS Foresta Sizing Specifications

Glass Thickness Overall Dimensions Paludarium Dimensions Chamber Dimensions Volume (GAL)
6MM 23.62 x 14.17 x 17.72
23.62 x 10.33 x 17.72 23.62 x 3.84 x 17.72 Paludarium: 19G
Chamber: 7G

Pump Specifications:
- Max Flow Rate: 158.5G/Hr
- Max Lift: 59IN
- Power Specifications: DC5VA 10W
- Rating: IPX8

How to scape an Ultum Nature Systems Foresta Paludarium:
Ultum Nature Systems Foresta Paludarium Setup Guide:
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